I have been taking photographs since I was about 10 and my father would let me take one or two on his Kodak.  Born in 1951, I was one of the generation to have lots of photographs throughout my life, whereas photos of my parents' generation and especially my grandparents' lives were few and special.

I always thought it was interesting to see how people change in their appearance and the things they do.   

I have put together a set of photographs from the decades 1970 to present which show me and one or two friends finding ways to pass the time.

To those in their early 20's putting all those smooth-complexioned party pictures on myspace.com,  the ravages of time will have appeared before you have time to notice, and you will wonder where all that time went.  Where did that slim but muscular body and your smooth elastic skin go?  In a rush of life activity love and laughter hopefully, not forgetting the times of sadness that give us perspective.  A rush so quick that you never had time to notice.

But you do have an advantage: so many people have small cameras that can take fine photographs and the camera in your mobile is always there for the moment.  Take it. Keep some.

This is about our experience of time.

I have other photographs that I will add, but most of my stuff is in slides and still needs scanning.  You have this web address probably because you are a big part of my life - so thanks for the memories and the present.  I have a 'total recall' memory (still!) that I value greatly, but I still treasure some photographs.